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Andrew Scott

Andrew Scott

During AWFS, Wood & Panel got the opportunity to talk to Mr. Andrew Scott, Technical Sales Manager, North America, VENJAKOB and indulge in a face to face conversation on Ven Spray collection, North American market and of course AWFS. Excerpts.

woodandpaneleurope Today is the third day and how is it all about AWFS for you?

The first two days have been very good. Today has been slightly slow but still some interesting people come to visit just today.

woodandpaneleurope So, what is the prime product you are exhibiting in AWFS this time?

The prime product this time is the Ven Spray Smart with the paper and belt cleaning system. This way we can demonstrate the maximum capabilities of the smart machine. This makes it possible to alternate between both modes of operation. A quick change between two paint systems (water/solvent based) is simple and fast. This makes it especially attractive for smaller companies to replace manual painting.


woodandpaneleurope So how has been the feedback to the Ven Spray Smart?

Good so far, it’s a German quality machine. So it’s built to last so people are noticing some of that and that’s nice to hear. From two/ three to twenty people, manufacturing little kitchen cabinet and custom finishing companies are the typical users of this machine.

woodandpaneleurope What about after sales service or customer service?

We offer from our location in Bolton, full parts and service. We offer next day delivery on parts for the majority. We also have a ware house, full of parts. Then if there is anything special, we can deliver that overnight from the head office.

woodandpaneleurope Well, How is Mexican market for you?

We have some machines in the plastics industry there and we got a few in the wood industry since the last few years in the Mexican market. From this show, we had quite a few enquiries for machines in Mexico. So, we may forecast a slight upturn there.

woodandpaneleurope Do you have any service centre in Canada specially or that supports from US?

No, we have service at the same office in Canada and we also have another branch in USA in Cleveland If require we can use people from there as well

woodandpaneleurope How big is your market share? How tight is the competition?

The competition is pretty tight. I mean there are lot of new manufacturers on the bottom end of the range; some of the bigger customers, we are doing some really big projects with Stiles in the US at the moment. The customers are looking or German reliability and durability and we are doing okay.


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