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Grass America unveils Nova Pro Scala with impressive features

Published on : Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Over the years, Nova Pro has become synonymous with double-wall drawer slide. Nova Pro Scala, with its crisp lines, right angles, and small radius, gives the new Nova Pro a timeless, futuristic design. True to its predecessors’ reputation, Nova Pro Scala is designed flawlessly.


The very name of Nova Pro creates expectations of outstanding running properties, minimal drawer deflection, exceptional ease of opening, and top reliability. Everything is focused on function, quality, and value – from precision craftsmanship of every individual part to the color and surface finishes. Offered in 63mm, 90mm, 186mm, and 250mm with three beautiful finishes of Silver, Stone, and Ice. Giving you more options for that perfect custom look.


Rectangular railing. High level of stability and consistent design.


The drawer with an added railing has long been a classic solution for adding height. At the bottom a 90mm drawer side, at the top a railing; now a deep drawer. For Nova Pro Scala a new rectangular railing system has been developed that optimizes all components and has been restyled to create a harmonized look. From the front bracket to the back panel connector to the integrated tilt angle adjustment – everything is aligned, fits, and matches perfectly to provide an elegant impression.


Timeless variety. Nova Pro Scala Colors.


Metallic colors, fine structures, and satin finishes – these are the features of modern design. The color SILVER makes it possible to carry this design principle through to the cabinetry interior. This elegant shade has an intuitively harmonious and modern effect. STONE represents a natural force which seems to resist all external influences. That is the inspiration for this popular shade of the same name. The natural purity of ice and snow, the unique reflection of light and the fine surface texture – all these things inspired us to create the color ICE. This elegant shade neutralizes, brightens and enlivens.


Tavinea Optima Interior accessory system.


The material, form, and color of Tavinea Optima and Nova Pro Scala are complementary. Both are made of the same steel and have the same powder coating characteristics so that the Tavinea Optima coordinates with the Nova Pro Scala and their combination in looks is striking. The Tavinea Optima system is simple with two frame elements and one divider rail. This is all you need.


The outstanding features of the Nova Pro Scala drawer system at a glance:


  • Timeless design: Nova Pro Scala has an elegant, slim edge never interrupting the design outline.
  • Wide range of options: In the colors Silver, Ice, and Stone in the heights 63mm and 90mm as well as high, closed drawers with heights of 186mm and 250mm.
  • Modular: Nova Pro Scala includes a wide range of products that offers everything necessary for drawer building. Scala is also based on the track-proven Nova Pro slide and is therefore compatible with Nova Pro Deluxe.
  • Perfect movement: With the track-proven Nova Pro slide for excellent running characteristics with load ratings from 88lb to 154lb.
  • Closing comfort: Smooth closing action with the new Soft-close technology and low opening forces.
  • Simple installation: With a clever, detailed design, installation is extremely easy and saves valuable time.




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