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A Look Back into the US timber trail 2019

 Thursday, January 2, 2020

“Ring out the old, ring in the new,” is the vision of the American timber industry this new year. American wood trail 2019 ended with a bang as the makers introduced some of the unique tools, technologies and innovation to enrich the sector and improve functionality. Expectations of the buyers also underwent a sea change, and in order to cater to the changing needs of the clients, the industry also surprised with innovations like safest sawblades from Felder, use of new fast growing timber Hemwood to design durable furniture in shortest time, tools from Milwaukee also attracted shop-based workers and streamlined installation work.


Moving ahead with Hemp instead of Oak:


This new year HempWood gained momentum in Kentucky as wood makers opened 15,600 square-feet factory for business and welcomed 2020 with the motto, “Oak is out. Hemp is in”. this HempWood is a reverse-engineered wood that is a perfect substitute of traditional oak, that takes less growing time and has 20 percent higher density.  This wood is good for making furniture, flooring and varied wood projects.




AWFS 2019 wrapped up impressively :


The AWFS 2019, brought together the entire home and commercial furnishings industry, including manufacturers and distributors of machinery, hardware, plastics, lumber, construction materials and other suppliers to the furniture, cabinet manufacturers and custom woodworkers. For  four  days  thousands  of  passionate  woodworking  professionals  fully  surround  themselves  in  all  of  the  exciting  new  products  and  services  manufacturers large and small have to offer. The show was therefore, an ideal platform to share knowledge and expand business, while creating a fertile environment for future investment in America, thus AWFS was a must visit for all.


Milwaukee displayed innovative tools:


Mid 2019, Milwaukee introduced an array of unique tools to improve woodworking activities and streamline installations. Shop-based woodworkers and installers may now use from tools such as a new cordless compact router, versatile multi-head cordless drill drivers designed for a work in tight spaces, a powerful full-size cordless miter saw, cordless framing nailers, cordless brad nailers, cordless assembly staplers as well as new components for Milwaukee’s growing system of storage as well as transportation.




Felder unveiled preventative contact system:


Fingers now safer with Felder sensory saw blades. Felder launched the high-tech preventative contact system to eliminate all chances of saw injuries. As soon as the system detects movement surrounding the saw blade, it begins its protection actions in all direction- a safety lowering mechanism is triggered. The unique mechanism activates and it soon lowers the sawblade before the table touches any flesh. Its quick and the response is very fast with the principle of electromagnetic repulsion.


“The safety lowering mechanism does not cause any damage to the blade or incur extra costs. And the table saw will be ready for reuse at the push of a button,” says Felder.


US lumber soared high:


After the closure of Canadian mill and also due to bad weather the September 2019 report highlighted that sourcing activity for lumber was up by 69 percent over its historical average. “Our data shows that over the past twelve weeks, sourcing activity for lumber is up 69% over its historical average,” says report author Thomas, a company serving multiple industrial and business markets. For the report, Thomas looked at sourcing activity for lumber on its Thomastnet.com platform.


“When we looked at Lumber in a Thomas Index Report last summer, prices were skyrocketing to record levels. But when bad weather in Canada caused substantial logistical delays, lumber shipments were pushed back into the second half of the year. This excessive supply caused an almost 50% price drop for lumber products.”


Wood-Mode resumed operation under new owner:


After shutting down for a while, cabinetry giant WoodMode returned with a bang under new owner and made big headlines in US wood sector. With an up-down financial condition, first the employees experienced sudden shut-down, and then came its reopening under Pennsylvania –based Professional Building Systems owner Bill French.




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