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Alvic USA brightens up color aesthetics

 Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Alvic USA brightens indoor and commercial color aesthetics with their new Vivid Reality collection, which features eye-catching hues and patterns inspired by the tactile and visual tones of nature. The 15 outdoor-inspired colors in the Vivid Reality collection are grouped into two storylines, New Warmth and In Living Color, that stimulate emotions ranging from energizing vitality to calming relaxation, truly bringing places to life.

Tactile spaces full of life

Color story yellow Camel, terracotta Cotto, and red-based Tortora and Almagra are solid colors in the yellow, terracotta, and red tones are included in their collection New Warmth. When combined with white, black, neutral, and woodgrain components, these colors serve as a foundation for contemporary counterpoints since they were inspired by rich, warm tints emerging from the soil. Residential and commercial surroundings can be turned into unforgettable experiences with Alvic USA’s stock range of panels, cabinet components, and edgebanding. When in use, these hues and patterns evoke the visual and tactile texture of natural objects, bringing these desirable characteristics into our surroundings with ease. The In Living Color story blends depth with numerous woodgrain and stone abstracts, together with freshness in three colors: balanced green Verde Salvia, navy blue Azul Marino, and blue-green Agua Marina.

“Our new collection inspires both the energy and tranquility desired in our daily lives,” says Emily LaPointe, Marketing Manager, Alvic USA. “The depth and allure of these designs can be used to create tactile spaces full of life, in contrast to the virtual and digital worlds that often fill our time.”

Vivid Reality colors from Alvic USA are available in select door styles with panels and edgebanding also in stock. In approximately seven to ten days, door profiles in four designs can be produced to order in the USA. Select finishes, such as Zenit supermatte, Syncron texture, and Luxe high-gloss lacquer, are available in the new collection’s colors.

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