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Amplify speed and precision with FANUC SCARA Robots

 Tuesday, January 3, 2023

FANUC has added three new variants to the line of SCARA robot models. These new model variants will help companies automate their assembly, packaging, pick & place, and inspection processes. The new models include:

SCARA Robots | Optimize Performance with FANUC SCARA Robots

FANUC’s new SCARA robots are ideal for high-speed, precision applications such as assembly, pick and place, testing/inspection and packaging processes.

The new model variants enhance FANUC’s ability to meet the needs of companies looking to automate their assembly, packaging, pick and place, and inspection processes.

Speed meets precision

Offering the next level in speed and precision, FANUC SCARA robots are ideally suited to robotic assembly, robotic pick and place, inspection and robotic packaging applications. Depending on your needs, FANUC SCARA robots are available with either 3kg or 6kg, 12kg and 20kg payload capacities, and include two new environmental options. All models operate in a 360° envelope and, by virtue of their pedestal-mount design, occupy a small space-saving footprint. Integrated services prevent the risk of snagging.

Given their speed and repeatability, FANUC SCARA robots provide a great way of increasing productivity on pick-and-place or assembly operations. Find out here when a SCARA robot enhances the efficiency of your application.

The SCARA’s structure consists of two arms joined at the base and the intersection of arms one and two. Two independent motors use inverse kinematics and interpolation at joints J1 and J2 to control the SCARA’s X-Y motion. The final X-Y location at the end of arm two is a factor of the J1 angle, J2 angle, length of arm one and length of arm two.

Choose FANUC’s SCARA for its speed and repeatability, FANUC SCARA robots provide a great way of increasing productivity on robotic pick and place or robotic assembly operations.

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