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Automatic Revere System from Biesse handles heavy lifting

 Friday, June 29, 2018

biese newThe automatic system from Biesse proves that it can handle the heavy lifting for RJM Cabinets. RJM appreciates the workability of Revere system recently. Take a glance.

“The biggest advantage in using Viet’s Automatic Reverse System is reducing the need to handle big heavy parts multiple times. Before we added the system, some of our parts, due to their heavy weight, required three or four guys to manually move the part from the machine outfeed back around to the infeed each time we needed to run another pass. Now, with this solution, once the part is loaded on the machine it only requires one operator to handle it.”

“Before we had the Automatic Reverse System, we were doing a lot of heavy slabs that were too large to circle around for additional processing. Now, with the flip of a switch, we can run it back and forth until it’s done or until we need to flip it over to machine the back side. The Viet solution works great and we use it all the time.”

“We’re known in town for doing a lot of varied work and a good portion of the live slab work. We might do 1 or 2 slabs one week and 30 slabs the next. We work in conjunction with another shop that has a logging/milling machine that will actually mill one side flat in a rough form. We take it from there.”

“We sat down with Mike Johnson and Ettore Vichi from Viet before we bought the sander and discussed some of our challenges. We collaborated and decided on some features we’d want on the machine. The result of that meeting is the Automatic Reverse System. We’re longtime Biesse customers and it’s a great working relationship.”


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