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Biesse and Cefla unites to improve schooling experience

Published on : Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Biesse and Cefla, celebrated brands in wood working and surface technology jointly builds relationship with Montessori school in Charlotte, N.C to enhance academic experience. Biesse America and Cefla North America build shelves for students and builds relationships with local population. According to Hawley Hoggard Keystone Montessori’s Head of School and classroom teacher, “When leaders at a Charlotte company told me they would be glad to donate shelving for our new Children’s House classroom, I was flabbergasted.” Hoggard further added, “It was truly a gift to have custom-designed shelving perfectly sized and finished to put innovative learning materials within easy reach of our 3- to 6-year-olds. I am so appreciative of everyone’s generosity.”



When Hawley Hoggard and Allyson Creel opened Keystone Montessori School in 2013 with just four students, their classroom shelves were simple and homemade. Now the school in Charlotte’s Sedgefield neighborhood is 56 students and nine staff members strong, and their newest classroom has 18 sleek new shelving units fabricated by Biesse America and finished by Cefla America. Beyond making the new Children’s House classroom more beautiful and functional, Biesse’s gift promises to keep on giving by exposing elementary school students at Keystone Montessori to the world of fabrication and how things are built. “We have what we call a ‘Going Out’ program where groups of 6- to 12-year-olds with specific interests go out to places where they can learn things far beyond the classroom,” Hoggard said. “We have one group of children here who have built some amazing things out of cardboard and tape, and they would love seeing the machinery and technology used in building our shelves.”



“We are eager to inspire interest in how we are innovating the wood, stone, ceramic and glass industries, and even influence career choices from an early age,” said Randy Jamison Executive VP of Sales and Marketing of Biesse America. “Working with schools like this one is an excellent way to give back to our communities. Investing in younger generations is important to Biesse, a company that began building a successful program for talented young hires called Future Lab in 2016. Providing education, offering guidance, and defining competencies at an early age is the key to forming tomorrow’s leaders. Getting involved in a primary school and having the opportunity to showcase our technology to the students makes us feel part of a bigger mission — building our future.”



“Cefla North America is grateful to have partnered with Keystone Montessori and Biesse America on this project. We are proud to enrich the learning environment of the Keystone Montessori School students, lending a hand in not only providing them with beautifully fabricated and finished shelving, but better access to educational tools. It is our hope that exposure to various aspects of the woodworking industry can stimulate creativity for future learning,” says Cefla North America Managing Director, Massimo di Russo. Hoggard concluded that the donations have made it possible for the school to open additional classroom and offer more children from the local community the benefits of a Montessori education.




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