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Biesse’s Viet Sculpture Pad to inspire designers at AWFS

 Friday, July 5, 2019

Designer’s dream will soon turn into reality with the new Biesse Viet Sculpture Pad. “You can create any file, combining sanded and un-sanded areas for textural variation, and upload the file to the machine,” Antonio Cucco Product Area Manager, Biesse. At AWFS 2019, Biesse will demonstrate the functionality of Sculpture Pad.

Last year, Biesse first demonstrated the Viet at XYLEXPO in Milan and IWF in Atlanta where visitors experienced the new feature and special effects of the Viet Sculpture Pad. The AWFS visitors will now be able to explore the sculpture pad and use it perfectly to let their creativity flow. Coming up with fresh designs, curved or wavy patterns and hand-scraped looks that have become so desirable for wood tabletops, other furniture pieces and flooring will now be simpler with the Viet. When added to a standard wide-belt sander, the Viet Sculpture Pad is designed to help eliminate the need for hard-to-find, highly-skilled craftsmen in the finishing department to create the latest special effects. The Viet Sculpture Pad can be integrated into Biesse’s standard sanding unit, so there’s no need for special milling tools on CNC machines that lengthen processing time. The user may further avoid allocating capital for a dedicated unit on your sanding machine that restricts design options by performing only one effect.

Sculpture Pad

“It offers the extreme versatility of effect sanding in your facility today. You can create any file, combining sanded and un-sanded areas for textural variation, and upload the file to the machine. But if trends change in a few years, you can just push a button on the screen and use typical sanding options instead,” said Antonio Cucco, Product Area Manager at Biesse America. “The Sculpture Pad is equipped with engineered mechanics and smart software management of our IPC control. Between the smart electronic management and the mechanical solution, you can create an infinite variety of effect patterns and resolutions.”

Thus, the Viet Sculpture Pad increases the versatility of a standard sanding machine, saves space, and makes it more feasible for companies of all sizes to offer special effects with minimal manufacturing cost.

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