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Blum shows the best of their innovations

 Friday, September 2, 2016

Blum_LBX0118Blum adds a “K height” (5-1/6”) drawer side to their LEGRABOX offering.


Blum highlights their newest addition to their LEGRABOX offering, a 5-1/16” high drawer side, at the International Woodworking Fair 2016.


Rounding out the program

The K height drawer side for LEGRABOX, available in stainless steel and Orion gray,measures 5-1/16” tall, making an excellent addition to Blum’s already successful offering.  In addition to the 3-9/16” M height drawer, the K height offers an additional design option for taller drawer fronts.


Solutions for deep drawers include the 7” C height drawer or the 9-1/2” F height drawer.


Solutions for the whole home

A variety of drawer side heights enable a wide range of design options for the entire home. In addition to kitchen cabinets, the K height is the ideal solution for bathroom vanities.
LEGRABOX allows for a variety of applications and looks great in any living area, whether in kitchens, bathrooms or everyday living spaces, LEGRABOX drawers and interior roll-outs adorn cabinets from the inside, out.


Blum_MOV0021TIP-ON BLUMOTION for LEGRABOX– an inspiring combination of easy opening and soft closing

This new system combines the mechanical opening support of TIP-ON with the soft and silent closing of BLUMOTION. Both work together to enhance the opening and closing for handleless drawers in kitchens and throughout the home.


TIP-ON BLUMOTION combines the best of both worlds ‒ TIP-ON, a mechanical, notelectric, opening support system which lets you touch the drawer front to openthe drawer ‒ and BLUMOTION, which softly closes the drawer with a light push.


Small range, great convenience

TIP-ON BLUMOTION for LEGRABOX can be assembled quickly and simply, without the need for tools. No additional modifications need be made to cabinets, drawer fronts or drawer boxes for assembly. There are different TIP-ON BLUMOTION units to choose from to suit various drawer lengths and weights. With a minimum front gap of just 2.5 mm, TIP-ON BLUMOTION is ideally suited for kitchens but can just as easily be used in furniture throughout the home. An optional, but highly suggested, synchronization unit further optimizes the opening support system. Drawer gap alignment is easy thanks to 4-dimensional adjustment. And TIP-ON BLUMOTION will still work perfectly even if the drawer is manually pulled open or pushed closed.

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