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BLUM to showcase its latest in WMS Canada

 Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Manufacturing and joinery specialist, Blum invites all to the Woodworking Machinery & Supply Conference & Expo to get a sneak peek of the REVEGO pocket door system with fully integrated technology. This new product is officially scheduled to launch to the Canadian market next March.


Single and double door applications for new space concepts

More and more people are merging their kitchen, dining and living space. But there are times when you would like to “magic” things away. We have come up with an innovation that allows you to open up entire spaces when you need them, and close them off again when they are not in use. Pocket systems are the solution. They are fast, simple and intuitive to use and are suitable for a vast array of applications.

Pocket systems can be implemented as double or single door applications. They work on a purely mechanical basis to deliver top quality motion and enhanced user convenience.

Doors can be opened and closed with and without handles, creating endless design possibilities. They disappear into a narrow cabinet, or pocket.

The pocket width for single door applications is just 100 mm and for double door applications just 150 mm, so it is easy to plan and manufacture pocket systems. Assembly is quick and straightforward, door adjustment is precise.

REVEGO, therefore is a pocket system that allows doors to appear and disappear by a simple touch to hide and show spaces around the home. It adds a new dimension to furniture around the house. Imagine working from home and having an office space that can disappear once you finish work? REGEGO offers a lot of possible applications. It also boasts an easy planning, assembly, and setup process using Blum’s E-SERVICES.

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