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Boise Cascade relies on USNR veneer dryer system

 Friday, May 21, 2021

Boise Cascade in Chester, SC has ordered its third veneer dryer system from USNR. The 14-section steam heated M-72 jet dryer includes Unloader, GSc2000 scanning system, Sequoia Sentry moisture detector, and a 4-bin Random/Sheet Stacker. The spike belt stacker is designed to operate in the range of 42-45 randoms, or 40 redried sheets per minute. Two longer M-72 dryers will primarily dry green veneer sheets, with the new shorter 14 section dryer and stacking system processing redry, random, and some green veneer sheets.

The Chester Stacker is the fourth new USNR stacking system sold in North America over the last few months. Three spike belt random stackers, two green, one dry and a 6 bin green sheet (vacuum) stacker. All of the stackers are equipped with new USNR scanning and enhanced moisture detectors.

The veritable M-72 dryer is ideally suited to compliment the operation of much longer M-72 or six deck M-208 dryers by most effectively processing large volumes of random and redry veneer.

USNR is proud to be a long-term trusted partner with Boise Cascade.

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