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Bring a Sense of luxurious realism with Uniboard TFL

Published on : Monday, June 7, 2021

Uniboard’s TFL collection transcends market trends. A product selection synonymous with innovation is an essential part of any construction, renovation or decoration project.

It’s easier to make the right choice thanks to Uniboard’s full range of colours, with something for every taste. From authentic inspired designs to trendy solids, the collection’s leading edge colour palette observes modern urban trends as well as rustic and reclaimed styles. Each colour is developed and selected with the aim of coordinating perfectly with specific textures, making it possible to precisely recreate beauty found in natural wood. The result is a perfect match of design and texture: each panel is remarkably realistic, giving a refined touch to any space.

Capturing the essence of natural beauty, earthy textures and soft natural fabrics, Uniboard TFL goes beyond quality to attain the perfect balance between commercial and residential design. These TFL designs will rejuvenate and bring life to all types of building projects. Uniboard TFL surfaces have long been a favoured choice among architects, designers, builders and manufacturers.

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