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Canada Forest industry places some real facts on their forest sector

 Friday, February 3, 2017

fpac-logo-2014Canada grows on trees. And as Canadians gear up to celebrate our nation’s birthday on July 1st Forest Products Association of Canada will be counting down 150 days by sharing 150 daily facts about our industry on social network sites.


The forest sector has played a vital role in Canada’s history since before Confederation and is leading the way towards a prosperous future. Their industry has provided jobs to sustain their economy and has helped define Canadian culture. For example, everybody should know that at the first organized indoor hockey game in  Montreal not only were the sticks made of wood, but they ditched the traditional ball and used a “flat round piece of wood” – the first iteration of the puck everybody knows today.


Forestry was already in full bloom before Confederation when our nation was just a seed. It fuelled the economy and provided the materials that our new homeland was built on. Transforming the physical terrain to get products to market – villages, roads, and railways sprang up in its wake.

To this day, the forest products industry remains a vital part of the Canadian economy, and is a global environmental leader for our sustainably managed forests. Canadians are embracing new technologies to expand their markets and are developing innovative world-first products. New uses of wood are being discovered everyday – from cellulose being used in cosmetics, to lignin acting as a substrate for 3D printers, and many mills now powering themselves through biomass.


“Canada’s forest industry continues to serve as part of the country’s economic foundation, providing 230,000 direct jobs and nearly 1 million indirect jobs in 200 communities across the country.” says FPAC CEO Derek Nighbor. “It is recognized internationally for its environmental stewardship and responsible forest management practices. 2017 is the perfect time to honour our industry’s achievements and to position ourselves for the future.” Derek added further.


Canada’s forest products industry is clean, green, and growing. They will be here for the next 150 years as Canada’s  renewable industry providing jobs, products, and prosperity for Canadian families.

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