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Cantek Planer is the latest addition

 Tuesday, February 7, 2023

For many woodworkers, the Cantek P630HV is the tool of choice. Due to its effective and useful machine capabilities, this planner supports more uncomplicated and precise planning of diverse wood stocks. Its settings are simple to operate, making it easy to quickly adjust the machine to your needs. The solid steel helical cutterhead of the Planer contains two-sided carbide knife inserts that don’t need to be adjusted when changed. Setting the table height is quick, precise, and simple with a digital readout and basic PC controller. Due to the frame’s robust cast iron construction and well-known vibration dampening, bearing life is prolonged and cut quality is excellent.

The planer’s segmented, serrated infeed roll & segmented pressure shoe ensures material is held firmly during the feeding and planing process The P630HV planer has a quick-set micro-adjustable lever that easily raises and lowers the table rollers to aid in the feeding of difficult to feel wood. The industry standard 30×12×1.5mm carbide insert knives are positioned by two pins and held by a gib and screw which do not require any special tools to set the height. The knives have a slight bevel in the corners which provide for a superior finish without any stepping between the knives. In addition, the knives sit vertically into the head which produces a proper cutting angle and gulley to allow for superior cutting depth.


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