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Cefla announces product line-up to be showcased at upcoming IWF

 Thursday, July 7, 2016

cefla-logoCefla Finishing North America is bringing some of its most innovative products to the 2016 IWF in Atlanta. They include the Pixart Plot digital printer, new Inert/Fusion coating technology, plus the CFS compact flooring system, two spraying machines, Mito and Easy, and the PF/VL curing oven.

Live demonstration of the Pixart Plot at the IWF Show will reflect large-size, high definition printing with vivid dimensional images; no compromise quality and resolution; plus speed and flexibility with UV-cured inks for use on all types of material.

A new partnership between Cefla and Henkel has created a cost-saving high-gloss finishing system for melamine panels, and opens other possibilities for matte finishing. It combines Inert Coating Technology by Sorbini with Henkel’s TECHNOMELT CHS UV Fusion Coating technology, an innovative hot melt coating that offers the advantage of an immediate cure with ultraviolet light.

Cefla’s CFS (Compact Flooring System) offers the capability to sand up to four sides of your profile. It combines a roll-coating section for precise control over coating thickness; a wiping unit that brings out the best in your material; and adjustable UV lamps for fast curing.

Mito is a single- or dual-arm spray machine engineered for manufacturers who need greater efficiency and flexibility for water- and solvent-based materials, adhesives and all types of substrates. Easy represents the state-of-the-art in two-arm oscillating spray machines for all types of finishes, coatings and materials. It helps manufacturers handle shorter-run production needs, as well as high-volume demands.

The efficient and flexible PF/VL curing oven uses overlapping trays and longitudinal hot- air ventilation and works on the FIFO (First-In, First-Out) principle. It can replace an in-line oven with a length up to 45 meters in a fraction of the space, achieving appropriate flash-off times for UV coats or quick hot-air drying cycles for special coats.

Get a chance to witness all the innovations by Cefla Finishing at their Booth 7553.


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