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Cefla installs iBotic in USA Lab

 Wednesday, November 3, 2021

iBotic, the largest and most advanced robotic spray machine has been installed in the finishing laboratory of Cefla North America, one of the leading suppliers of surface enhancement technologies in the USA and Canada. This finishing technology has been installed to enhance the customer testing experience and expand the company’s line up of first-in-class surface enhancement equipment. To commemorate the machine’s installation and commissioning, the Cefla team hosted a number of North American companies to a focused event highlighting its adhesive glue spray capabilities.

The iBotic is a cartesian spraying robot with a choice of one or two spraying arms that facilitates high production volumes and an ultra-high quality finish. It’s dedicated edge gun ensures accurate and thorough spray coverage onto the sides of flat, 3D, and other parts with complex trajectories. Capable of spraying paint or adhesive glue onto a variety of substrates, including wood, wood derivatives, metal, ceramics, glass, fiber glass and plastic, the iBotic is extremely versatile. Applications include raised and flat panels, 3D parts, flat and raised doors, indoor and outdoor furniture, automotive components, metal sheets, concrete slabs, home furnishings, aerospace components, automotive components, and much more.

With two arms working harmoniously, one gun arm can focus on edges while the other reciprocates for thorough yet precise coverage. As well, iBotic spray technology accurately scans and finishes pieces of varying shape and thickness with the conveyor either stationary or in motion. It is available in working lengths of 3,000 to 5,500 millimeters, depending on gun and spray arm configuration as well as application choice. Other notable features include improved hardware control that reduces energy consumption, improved HMI graphics, simultaneous function control on the same arm for quicker adjustments, automatic adjustment system for exhaust fan with less need for operator intervention, and an option for internal camera for monitoring purposes or remote servicing/troubleshooting by Cefla technicians.

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