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Chemcraft excited to showcase newest products at AFWS fair

Published on :Wednesday, June 23, 2021

It’s 2021 and tradeshows are back in full swing!  “We will be attending the AWFS Show in Las Vegas, July 20-23 to feature our Varicure and Variset Select pre-catalyzed clear and pigmented systems, along with our newest conversion varnish primer, OmniBuild Pro.”

Omnibuild Pro – A Conversion Varnish Primer Surfacer that sets a new performance standard

New OmniBuild Pro Conversion Varnish Primer Surfacer is designed to tackle challenging substrate variables including routed MDF. It builds a remarkably thick and smooth foundation for topcoating, and its high-solids formulation provides superior build, sag resistance and hide. OmniBuild Pro is easy to apply, sands quickly and easily and has a fast stack time making it very production-friendly. For optimum results use with CHEMLIFE® 24 or CHEMLIFE® 24 PLUS Topcoat. Contact your local distributor to learn how OmniBuild Pro can help smooth out your shop’s workflow and increase productivity.

OmniBuild Pro distinct benfits

  • Superior build
  • Outstanding vertical hang providing superior sag resistance
  • Excellent hide
  • True 24 hour pot-life
  • Impressive hold-out and film build – minimal shrinkage
  • Sands quickly and easily
  • Reduces sanding burn through on edges
  • High solids: 63% by weight / 44% by volume

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