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Colonial Saw Inc. presents Cabineo

 Thursday, July 13, 2017

CabiCabineo is an innovative and time-saving one-piece RTA cabinet connector for nested-based CNC routers without edge drilling and with a very high clamping force.


Cabineo can be used with all kinds of CNC machines, including very simple 3-axis and nested-based machines. Installers can then singlehandedly install the finished product with just a cordless drill in seconds. Optional, aesthetic cover caps are also available in a variety of colors.


Time saving features:

·      Optimized process due to surface machining; no edge drilling necessary

·      Only one tool change from 5 mm to 15 mm drill; or rout the profiled shape with no tool change – use a standard CNC spiral bit

·      No dowel holes means less drill holes

·      One piece connector without dowels; no pre-assembly of screws or dowels in the side panels necessary

·      Easy positioning in the drill hole due to the protruding screw

·      Fast assembly with a cordless drill

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