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Cyclomix Evo Mixing & Dosing System

 Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Cyclomix Evo Electronic Mixing & Dosing System- A patented dosing principle, optimized waste management and connectivity make the Cyclomix Evo the modular dosing unit that will meet user expectations.

-Perfect dosing and mixing
-Optimized waste management
-Full Connectivity

The Cyclomix Evo modular dosing unit can be used with solvent or water-based paint, acid catalyst, PU or epoxy materials. It brings you:

Perfect dosing and mixing: Thanks to its new patented injection method, the Spraymix technology allows a pre-mixing at the injection point. Spraying the catalyst into a vortex of base ensures a perfect mix and a ready-to-apply paint. A unique dosing algorithm ensures accuracy and repeatability of the ratio regardless of the required flow rate and its variations.

High productivity: From a basic version capable of managing 1 base & 1 catalyst, the modularity of the offer allows the Cyclomix® Evo to be customised at the purchase or throughout the life of the Cyclomix® Evo. A large number of functionalities are proposed, such as the management of 2 guns, product regulators or different types and sizes of flowmeters. All these functionalities will undoubtedly meet your needs. A simple and intuitive HMI allows a quick learning phase, even if a new applicator arrives.

Optimized waste management: The “paint optimization” function allows you to use up to 70% of the paint remaining in the hoses at the end of production. A compact construction with passages designed to reduce retention zones and facilitate flushing, thus reducing solvent consumption. An autonomous priming to avoid overconsumption of mixed paint.

Connectivity: The SamesApp application allows you to connect to the Cyclomix® Evo, to control it and also to inform you by notifications when maintenance has to be performed or when alarms occur. All machine data is constantly recorded and can be retrieved with different media (excel file, OPCua, smartphone).

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