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Danzer revives health product declaration for veneers

 Thursday, November 7, 2019

International hardwood specialist Danzer has renewed its Health Product Declaration (HPD) for its Vinterio, Linea and Nimbus technical veneers. This standard involves the reporting of material contents of products to guarantee transparency and certainty for procurement officers and end users.


Danzer successfully renewed the HPD for its Vinterio, Linea and Nimbus technical veneers in 2019, which conform to increasingly strict requirements. The declaration, which lists all of the products’ contents gives designers, procurement managers and consumers peace of mind and provides transparency when selecting quality veneer materials. In parallel with the disclosures made in the HPD, Danzer also lists product information on Mindful Materials, a free platform that collects, vets, and publishes information on the impact of products on environment and human health.


Advantages for both users and product manufacturers
“The Health Product Declaration and the Mindful Materials platform help manufacturers to obtain our product information quickly and simply, before checking the products against their own requirements. A growing number of architects and designers are coming to expect transparent declarations for individual components and supply chains, so that they can pursue strategic goals in their green building projects more efficiently,” explained Danzer product manager Birgit Kocher. “For Danzer, transparency is the essential ingredient in every product and also provides an opportunity for us to optimize our products,” she added further.


Tougher requirements for Health Product Declaration
The HPD Open Standard calls for precise, reliable and consistent reporting on the contents of building materials that covers environmental, sustainability and health criteria. The declaration is aligned to other standards, including those of the Living Future and the Cradle-to-Cradle Products Innovation Institutes, as well as a growing number of building industry rating and certification standards. Health Product Declaration® (HPD) Collaborative is a non- profit association with more than 200 organization members representing the full spectrum of the building industry. The amended HPD guidelines stipulate even stricter reporting of emissions, admixtures and trace elements, as well as simplified summaries of contents, materials and supporting documentation. “As an experienced manufacturer, we know that finished products are not made solely from individual materials, but arise from the combination of various ingredients. The new Health Product Declaration now makes it possible for manufacturers, architects and designers to quickly and easily establish whether materials contain potentially problematic substances and simplifies the process of finding alternatives,” Birgit Kocher explained.


Danzer’s sustainability drive
The Health Product Declaration is one of numerous steps taken by Danzer under its commitment to transparency, social responsibility and sustainability. Additional measures include the Danzer sustainability report which has been published regularly since 2014, certification according to various standards including FSC, PEFC, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001, as well as switching to biodegradable plastics for packaging.


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