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Dave Ortmayer

 Monday, January 31, 2022

Dave Ortmayer, COO of Italpresse USA, Inc. discussed about the company’s strengths, USA market, various product lines and more. Read On.

What are the main strengths of Italpresse in wood section?

Dave Ortmayer: Italpresse has always had a strong focus on the secondary woodworking industry since its beginning back in the 1950’s. Most all wood based products require some type of lamination as part of their manufacturing process. Italpresse is an industry leader in the manufacture of presses used for both 2D and 3D lamination processes.

Being a European company, how is USA market faring Italpresse?

Dave Ortmayer: Italpresse, SpA established our North American office in 2001. Italpresse USA, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Italpresse, SpA in Italy. We coordinate all the sales efforts for the US market from our Florida office. We stock new machines and spare parts in our warehouse in Florida. We provide in depth technical support and onsite service with our factory trained, US based staff. Since 2001, the US market has become one of Italpresse’s key markets in the world.

How is the demand for Italpresse’s Cabinet Assembling Clamps or presses?

Dave Ortmayer: Italpresse’s primary focus is lamination presses. The company also manufacturers a range of automatic case clamps for the assembly of wood casegoods. Italpresse has become a well-known and respected name in the industry for both these product ranges.

Tell us about the main features of Wood Bending Presses?

Dave Ortmayer: By bending presses, I assume you mean presses for manufacture of bent plywood used for things like seats and backs for chairs or curved doors and drawer fronts for furniture. As most of this type of work has moved to China and other Far East countries, there is little demand in the US market for this type of press. Italpresse does make bending presses on a regular basis, but rarely for the North American market.

What is the future key product of Italpresse? What are your future plans on this product? Are you planning to concentrate or to extend wood product application?

Dave Ortmayer: Our focus in the US is supplying highly automated, flat lamination lines used in the production of furniture (especially office furniture) where high output, one-piece flow lines are needed, engineered flooring of all types, commercial and residential doors, architectural millwork, and kitchen cabinets. We are a market leader for presses used for 3D lamination of RTF (rigid thermofoil) films on shaped components used for kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts, medical cabinets and fixtures, store fixtures, and point-of-purchase displays.

And last, is Italpresse looking forward to concentrate on Middle East region or do you have any plan to extend markets in Asia?

Dave Ortmayer: Our parent company, Italpresse, SpA in Italy is actively supplying machines to about 70 countries around world. They have long been active in both the Middle East and Asia markets. They are particularly active in the northern EC countries, especially, Germany.

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