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Daw Khin Marla

 Thursday, January 13, 2022

Mrs. Daw Khin Marla, the Director, Nat Ray Co. Ltd, importer of high quality home and office furnishing and life style products speaks to us during FurniPro Asia and enlightens us about Myanmar. Read on.

Does AFIC and SFIC’s first trade visit have influenced the market in Myanmar?

Daw Khin Marla: It was a pleasure to have members of AFIC and SFIC to visit Myanmar. Myanmar has a large untapped market and I’m sure their visit will start to see new business opportunities between Myanmar and the regional countries in the near future.

Also, it was an eye opener for many who had never been to Myanmar to visit this beautiful country. Seeing the friendly Myanmar business people, the clean wide roads and trees, they left with a positive feeling about Myanmar.

Tell us something unique about Burmese furniture.

Daw Khin Marla: Solid teak furniture is very popular in the country which is known to be very sturdy and durable.

How do you plan to control the illegal logging and exporting of timber, especially of Teak?

Daw Khin Marla: We are hopeful that the government will encourage replanting and reducing corruption. I believe that these measures will help to put illegal logging and exporting of timber on a control.

Has the alternative wood taken the market share of Teak?

Daw Khin Marla: There are many varieties of hardwood and interested parties can negotiate with the government.

The latest technologies that are used in the international market are yet to enter Myanmar, how would you comment on it?

Daw Khin Marla: Myanmar always welcomes new technologies. We are looking forward to see how these new technologies will help the business in Myanmar.

NatRay is a huge importer of high quality home and office furniture. What are the main brands or things you look before importing?

Daw Khin Marla: Brands that are household names and have been around for a long time such as Dunlop, Dunlopillo, Lorenzo, OSIM, WMF, LifeFitness, Aussino Tefal, etc

What is Myanmar’s responseto importing international brands?

Daw Khin Marla: We welcome international brands but we are also very stringent with the selection. It is important to choose the right partner.

With so many fairs happening at the Asean Circuit, how do think these are helpful for the wood and furniture industry?
Daw Khin Marla: They are very helpful as they strive to improve efficiency, productivity yet at the same time, promote eco-friendliness.

What are your expectations from the inaugural FurniPRO Asia? Can we expect more of you in such fairs?

Daw Khin Marla: We are very excited to share more about Myanmar with the rest of the world. We hope to help more companies which are thinking of setting up their offices in Myanmar. Also, our company is always happy to assist in similar fairs for the good of enthusiasts.

When are we going to see exhibitions of international stature in Myanmar?

Daw Khin Marla: We hope to bring in exhibitors of international stature to Myanmar soon. Stay tuned.

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