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Doucet showcases its best at AWFS Fair

 Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Doucet has welcomed its visitors at the AWFS Fair 2023 with its new products. The company displayed its new Multi Levels Staves Sorting System with Gantryx Stacker.

Doucet took initiative to exhibit a few of its innovative equipment at the most comprehensive woodworking event in North America. The equipment that the visitors had a chance to go through:

BT3 | Return Conveyors– Is a third generation of the belt transfer return system. This is an innovation that has been designed to be teamed up with medium to large size edgebanders.


• Its receiving rollers are equipped with a down stroke mechanism that is activated by detection of the trailing end of the panels exiting the equipment.
• Transfer belts nested in between the rollers are used to side shift product to a set of motorized rollers parallel to your equipment.
• Those return rollers are 2″ lower than the pass line on the equipment in order to avoid interference when overlapping panels are traveling in opposite directions.
• Once the panel has cleared the reception area, the receiving rollers return to their upper position ready to receive the next panel.
• BT3 Return Conveyors are equipped with a variable speed drive to match the processing speed of the equipment, receiving table speed is adjustable from 30 to 90 ft/min, belt transfer speed is fixed at 180 ft/min and return conveyor speed is adjustable from 60 to 180 ft/min.

SDM | Door Clamp for Cope and Stick Doors (90°) – This is SDM is suitable for the assembly of drawer fronts as well as large pantry doors. Door Master for Cope and Stick Doors (90°) is available in three models: SDM, SDM2 and SDM+.

• The SDM model is suitable for assembly of large pantry doors up to 30″ x 72″ down to drawer fronts 5 ½” x 12 ½”. Standard model has three clamps.
• The SDM2 model is suitable for double door assembly up to 30″ x 48″ down to drawer fronts 5 ½” x 12 ½”. Standard model has five clamps.
• The SDM+ model features 1 additional vertical clamp for doors with central style. Standard model has four clamps.
• Built on an Industrial Strength welded tubular frame, the Door Master SDM, SDM2 and SDM+ feature “no compromise” pneumatics – brand name air valves and real double action air cylinders. Its pedestal allows choosing a convenient working height for your operator. Maintenance-Free UnitNo joint pinning needed.

DWM | Ideal for custom and volume production runs – The DWM Drawer Master Assembly System offers the rugged construction and ease of set-up of high production machines at a fraction of the price.


• Assembles drawers with standard finger-type dovetails, sliding-type dovetails, bored and doweled drawers, and tongue & dado box joints
• Is equipped with double acting air cylinders that can apply compression progressively, allowing for easy fitting of the bottom panel in the lateral grooves
• The Progressive Compression Mode operates as a jog button. It offers the operator total control and flexibility in the execution of the assembly process.

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