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Extruded Product Builder Technology is going to be more advanced

 Saturday, May 21, 2016

Microvellum-Logo-BlackMicrovellum Inc., announced that its new Extruded Product Builder Technology is advancing to Private Beta 2 status on Thursday, May 26 , 2016.


What is Extruded Product Builder Technology?


Extruded Product Builder is a visual design and engineering tool developed to allow users to easily build custom nurses stations, bench seating, kitchen bars, hotel reception areas or other custom diewall projects.


At Microvellum’s recent TechCon event, Microvellum’s Development team had the opportunity to unveil the latest beta release to it’s attendees and benefited by listening to unique perspectives and real-world project scenarios The weeks following the event, Microvellum’s Development team continued to innovate and further refine Extruded Product Builder.


Here are some of the latest enhancements to Extruded Product Builder:


• Refined user interface – improvements made to the user interface to simplify workflow
• Support for muiltiple part selection in profiles – filters out parts that have been add to the product and 3D views
• Support for multiple vertical entities in products
• Support for Nesting of curved, tapered parts like skins on diewalls and odd shaped products.
• Automatically clean “dirty” or poorly drawn geometry in profiles
• Support for products that don’t contain vertical entities
• Refined ability to automatically place studs at joints – Single Stud at Joint, Double Stud at Joint, Cut Back to Last Entity. One can now associate parts to the joint. When vertical entities are moved, the associated parts are updated
• Restore Product from Construction Path – ability to restore any product that was created with EPB and saved in the drawing. This feature is useful when sharing drawings with other Microvellum users or saving the product “as-is” for continued work at a later time
• Construction path support for circles and ellipses

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