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ExxonMobil Chemical extends their line of Vistamaxx performance polymers

 Tuesday, May 3, 2016

ExxonMobil-logo-062014ExxonMobil Chemical is introducing new grades of low viscosity Vistamaxx™ performance polymers for hygiene and assembly hot melt adhesive applications. Vistamaxx 8780 and 8380 grades expand the adhesive application options of Vistamaxx 8880 which became commercially available in 2015. These three low viscosity polymers enable the formulation of high-performance, low odor, low density hot melt adhesives used in packaging, hygiene and assembly applications.

These new polymers provide a range of properties for hot melt adhesives including low density for more adhesive mileage. They enable clean hot melt formulations with good thermal stability, while offering a broad service temperature range and the ability to tailor high consistent tack with adjustable open/set times. Hot melt adhesive formulations in which Vistamaxx polymers are used provide a broad processing window, application techniques and service temperature ranges.

Vistamaxx 8380 and 8780 are designed for hygiene applications that require low odor, minimal color adhesives. They enable thermally stable formulations with polymer loadings of 45-65 percent. Formulators have the flexibility to create hot melt adhesives that meet open and set time needs while also delivering higher mileage. This, combined with good adhesion to low surface energy substrates, delivers added value for diaper and adult incontinence products, as less adhesive is required in the fabrication and lower adhesive use can enable premium attributes like softer touch, better fitting and less bulky products.

Global market development manager, Hygiene & Adhesives, Gertrud Masure said, “Our low viscosity Vistamaxx polymers increase hot melt adhesive formulation flexibility in response to increasing performance needs from the adhesion industry. They provide a low odor formulation alternative, without compromising adhesive performance. These polymers also help to ensure adhesive supply stability because they are from readily available feedstocks.”

Vistamaxx 8380 is also well-suited for hot melt adhesives used in assembly applications, such as woodbanding, lamination and automotive. It allows thermally stable formulations with improved adhesion and heat resistance compared to APAO- and EVA- based formulations, while providing low odor and minimal color. Formulations can obtain polymer loadings of 70-90 percent, resulting in lower density and higher mileage as a potential source of added value for assembly adhesive consumers.

Vistamaxx 8880 is well suited for packaging applications including case and carton sealing. It enables formulations with polymer loadings as high as 90 percent, about double that of formulations using ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) or MCN-PE. This leads to significantly lower density, lighter weight formulations, which can provide added value as less product is used to create a stronger bond enabling more boxes to be secured with the same amount of adhesive.

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