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Formica celebrates landmark 110th anniversary

 Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Formica Corporation is gearing up for a full year of celebrations to commemorate its 110th anniversary in 2023. Since its founding in 1913, the business has shaped home and commercial interiors with its advanced surfaces. The company has also planned to publish a calendar and a book highlighting vintage designs and significant Formica Laminate interiors from the last 110 years to mark this significant anniversary. Along with social media posts throughout the year, the firm will also celebrate in Las Vegas prior to the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show. Formica’s design team will share an inside scoop on some of the brand’s most recognisable patterns.

The Formica Brand products are renowned for their impeccable impact on designs over the years. Though originally founded as an industrial laminates company, the brand quickly escalated to decorative laminate surfaces for interiors as well- for use in homes, restaurants or even a wide array of other commercial spaces.

Evolving to meet current trends and design preferences
Eminent architects and designers in the likes of Massimo Vignelli, Bernard Tschumi, Zaha Hadid, and others have honoured the versatility and durability of Formica Laminate through innovative and iconic designs. For customers, the brand was always associated with 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s diner and home design, including iconic cameos in popular culture like the “Brady Bunch” kitchen. So recently, Formica Corporation honoured this tradition by collaborating with top-tier interior designers to envision diners of the future using the brand’s contemporary products.

Formica is still a mainstay in both residential and commercial design today, adapting its products to fit modern trends and taste in décor while maintaining the high performance qualities for which it is renowned. Everform Solid Surface, Formica Writable Surfaces, DecoMetal Metal Laminates, and the company’s sister product line, FENIX Innovative Materials, are more recent additions to Formica Corporation’s portfolio.

“As we poured over a century’s worth of designs, photos and other materials in preparation for our anniversary celebrations, it was a clear reminder of the marked impact this brand has had on interior design and even culture at large,” said Amy Gath, vice president, marketing of Formica Corporation. “Formica’s future will continue to be grounded in its rich history while giving homeowners and interior designers the tools they need to build their ideal, innovative spaces.”

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