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GRACO launches high performance air-powered sprayer

 Friday, May 13, 2022

A professional, mobile, high performance air-powered sprayer is now in the market from Graco, a renowned manufacturer of fluid handling equipment. Graco has introduced the new the Contractor King air-powered protective coatings sprayer and the Silver Plus HP spray gun. The latest member of the King family of sprayers, the Contractor King air-powered sprayer delivers full King power and performance, but on a more compact footprint – making it ideal for contractors looking to maximize productivity and portability. The new Silver Plus HP gun is pressure rated up to 7,250 psi (500 bar) and is designed to handle today’s protective coatings, including high solid coatings.

The Contractor King air-powered sprayer is made specifically for contractors looking for a more compact and lighter coatings sprayer without sacrificing any of the performance of traditional air-powered sprayers. Mounted on a professional grade compact frame, it is up to 85 pounds lighter and 48% smaller than traditional air-powered sprayers and can be easily moved around the job site without any sacrifice in spraying capability.

“Typical air-powered sprayers in the marketplace are very large and heavy – requiring more time and labor to transport and maneuver,” says Bob Gundersen, Global Product Marketing Manager for Specialty Applications. “The Contractor King air-powered sprayer solves this by offering a smaller weight and size, while at the same time offering the same ‘Big Job’ performance of larger sprayers!”

The Contractor King protective coatings family of sprayers are offered in 45:1, 60:1 and 70:1 pressure ratios, and are available in a variety of packages – including the new “Big 150” ready-to-spray package configured with pressure-rated accessories such as 150 feet of Xtreme Duty™ high-pressure fluid hose, Silver Plus spray gun, fittings and XHD spray tips. These lightweight and rugged sprayers are engineered for maximum performance and long life with today’s protective coatings. In addition to these features, the Contractor King air-powered sprayer is designed with the QuickChange Endurance pump, allowing for easy on-the-job pump removal and maintenance.

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