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Grass advances cabinet creation with ease and efficiency

 Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Grass America, one of the leading suppliers of functional hardware for the cabinet industry, enables its customers to quickly and efficiently accomplish a variety of tasks related to the production of cabinets with its PRO1 and ZRam machinery.

With its functional design and precision assembly, the PRO1 enables a range of applications from boring and insertion for hinges to drilling for drawer systems. Its bore depth also automatically adjusts to material thickness, so drilling and inserting 45mm boring patterns can easily be performed with this 3-spindle pneumatic machine. In fact, the entire line of Grass hinges in the 45mm pattern work with the PRO1, including the following:

With a versatile set of applications in addition to inserting hinges, the PRO1 also drills drawer fronts and backs for Zargen, Zbox, Vionaro, and Nova Pro Scala. The PRO1’s unique featuresare what allow it to perform all of its applications with precision. For example, doors can be held firmly in place for drilling and insertion and manually released with its adjustable hold-down devices. Its two-hand start button also allows for safe drilling and insertion functions. Drill bit removal and insertion are also made easy with quick-change chucks.

The PRO1 works seamlessly with the ZRam assembly ram, resulting in a remarkably fast 2-minute drawer installation for ZBox and Zargen drawers. While the PRO1 drills holes in the drawer front and drawer back, the ZRam presses the slides into the parts. This seamless process proves ideal for cabinet makers of all shapes and sizes, from small and medium-sized cabinet shops to residential and institutional cabinetry, as well as millwork houses, office spaces, and facilities cabinet builders. Quality machinery yields quality products, and with Grass’ PRO1 and ZRam machinery, organizations throughout the cabinet industry become empowered to get the job done with ease, efficiency, power, and precision.

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