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GreConFiberview: Optical inline fiber quality control for the refiner optimizer

 Wednesday, December 14, 2022

The Surface Inspection System FIBERVIEW monitors the fiber quality inline on the basis of the number and size of shives, thus ensuring a continuous, consistent monitoring of the spread fibers in the MDF panel production. Fault reports and statistical data allow detailed conclusions of the upstream production process.

The measuring system is a solid, closed frame construction. The visual field of the camera is protected from dirt and dust by a tube. The entire camera and illumination unit automatically adjusts to changing working levels depending on the mat height. Changes in light intensity of the fiber mat due to different wood types, mixtures, changes in moisture or cooking conditions are automatically compensated.

The fibre mat is inspected by a camera system after the pre-press across a width of about 15.7 in [400 mm]. Constant measuring conditions are created by automatic height adjustment of the camera and illumination unit including light regulation, independent of panel type and ambient conditions. The shives are automatically detected and classified by three image processing steps. This process is accomplished continuously – usually every 3 s – during the production so that representative information on the fiber quality and the inspection of the surface is available in real time. With this technology, it is possible for the first time to evaluate the refining process objectively. The energy consumption of the refiner can be optimised depending on the required fibre quality. For example, the process can be directly influenced by changing the distance of the refiner discs, thus reducing energy needed to produce optimal sized shives.

Thanks to the visualisation software in modular design, the system can be adapted to your requirements so that the operation of the plant with different applications is possible. Furthermore the surface of the visualisation software can be compiled according to your needs.

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