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Groundbreaking Robotic system from Stiles at IWF

 Thursday, August 25, 2016

stiles 2Stiles Machinery is excited to introduce a ground-breaking, fully-autonomous cutting cell to the US market at this year’s IWF.  This new, intelligent technology revolutionizes cutting batch size one or short-run custom cutting – it completely redefines part flow in customized production using fully-automated processes and unlimited recuts for single panel processing.


The new HOLZMA HPS 320 flexTec is a fully-automatic cutting system with no limits to the pattern complexity.  The technology can perform all processing on a single saw with more flexibility in much less space without sacrificing any productivity; saving energy and reducing scrap-handling to a single point.


The HOLZMA HPS 320 flexTec robotic cutting system will be the main feature in Stiles’ ‘Batch Size One Production’ work cell demonstration which integrates Industry 4.0 technologies to create a fully-automated lean manufacturing work cell geared towards eliminating human handling and ensuring consistent and repeated production rate and sequence. The technology has been designed to revolutionize batch size one production and will exhibit how furniture manufacturers can gain added efficiency in their processes by leveraging greater accuracy, cost-effectiveness, flexibility and work cell intelligence.


stilesThe fully-automated robotic arm of the HOLZMA HPS system works quickly and efficiently to position panels, strips and other parts advancing the workflow while the system continues to operate. The networked production system is capable of processing up to 1,500 parts per shift and will save manufacturers valuable time and materials which in turn reduces costs.

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