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Haefele America surprises with stylish storing solutions

 Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Bring happiness home with Haefele innovations.   Haefele, the name is synonymous with style, design and strong storage system. They have revolutionized storing scopes and created astonishing options for home and hotels. When it comes to shelves and associated hardware, many designers are looking for options with style and function in equal measure. Whether you’d simply like to show off some décor in place of a bare wall or need a full-fledged open shelving system in the kitchen, bath, etc.

 Contemporary Openness

When the user is in search of  a contemporary upright design, look no further than the Kesseböhmer YouK Shelf System. The simple, logical grids require effortless planning and installation. Welded frame connections provide clean lines without divisions. It’s extremely easy to assemble in just a few steps. Available in two different depths and a bunch of different height configurations, just add the selected wooden shelves and start storing whatever is needed.

 Glassy Classyness

Glass shelves are a designer favorite because whatever they hold immediately becomes a point of focus or interest. Haefele offers a wide range of Glass Shelf Supports in stainless finishes – rounded, squared or even full-width supports for glass shelves which can fit with or accent almost any design. 

 A pull-out shelf from almost anything

Ecoresin. Stone. Wood from that tree which fell in your yard last year. The bottom mounted Salice Shelf hardware is smooth-operating, amazingly reliable and always out of sight. With it, one can make almost any material (within reason and specifications) into a fully functional, extendable shelf. Just two runners hold up to 75 lbs. and four runners hold up to a maximum of 100 lbs.

 One cube. Many cubes. Smartcube.

Whether there is need for a one-shelf unit, way more or something in-between, the Smartcube Open Storage System can be installed in kitchens, bathrooms, closets or anywhere else shelves are needed. It may be paired with casework, islands or other furniture for sleekly modern open shelving.

Float it

With designers trending toward open storage well, everywhere, one just need a piece of hardware which can put anywhere. The Floating Shelf Support hardware is designed to conceal within shelves giving all the projects a clean, sleek look. With a weight capacity up to 44 lbs., this hardware even offers inclination, height and side adjustments – this thing is the maestro of concealed, floating shelf hardware.

Parallel Rods to flaunt it

Parallel Rods store and display wine bottles so the label can be viewed from the front while the rods span between two vertical substrates. This allows for flexible design options and accommodates multiple cabinet depths and bottle types. Add Parallel Rods into a pull-out for even more flexibility.

Haefele has all the elegantly strong shelving hardware to meet the need of the hours. So, select and install.

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