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Haefele brings Function, Efficiency & Wow to AWFS 2021

 Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Haefele-engineered solutions own the spotlight at AWFS Fair 2021. At the fair booth between July 20 and 23, Haefele will showcase exclusive solutions that were developed and engineered to end all popular industry pain points and frustrations experienced by the wood manufacturing industry for several years now. With Haefele solutions, simply put, these products will make your projects easier to plan, more efficient to accomplish and overall, better for all the customers.

“Our industry has always been about using innovation to make projects more efficiently, dynamically and long-lasting,” said Paul K. Smith, president of Haefele America Co. “The products Häfele has to offer AWFS attendees will do all of these and much, much more. Also though, these are items you’ll only find with and from us.”

Faster ways to level cabinets. New, innovative ways to assemble drawer boxes or other furniture components. Functional hardware options which bring fluid motion and unrivaled performance to your projects. LED lighting which is smartly designed and planned, easy to control and even easier to install. Sliding door hardware which is so simple it’s brilliant. That’s exactly what will be featured with Haefele at AWFS booth #3647.

Selected Haefele AWFS booth highlights include:

One piece: All you need

Leave the tools behind. There’s a quicker, more efficient way to assemble wooden drawers and it doesn’t get any easier than this. The all-new Haefele Ixconnect Claw Connector CC 8/5/30 is a one-piece connector which provides a secure, invisible connection between wood drawer panels as thin as a half inch. All that’s needed is a few standard drill holes (front: 8mm, side: 5mm) to plug the connector in. When the drawer side is raised, the claw connector bites into the front panel and compacts the chips to create a reliable connection. The result is a fast, discreet, secure connection and a tightly assembled drawer – without the need for additional tools.

Brighter. Better. Lighting without limits.

The essence of four generations: Hӓfele’s Loox5 LED Lighting System is smarter, brighter and easier to install in comparison to the system it replaces. The Loox5 system offers slimmer 8 mm and 5 mm ribbons. Easier installation is possible with the plug-and-play ability of the Loox5 system. Using Hӓfele’s Connect Mesh system, users can switch between warm, cool, daylight and even RGB colors to achieve their desired lighting temperature/color.

A smooth operator

Effortless and elegant: The Haefele Exclusive Matrix Box Slim A Drawer System offers unparalleled style and superior performance in one sleek package. The Matrix Box Slim A is an advanced, thin wall drawer system with integrated soft close as well as optional push-to-open on an under mount drawer slide platform.

There’s an easier way

Complete plinth leveling – in a matter of minutes. It’s entirely possible with the Hӓfele Axilo™ Plinth Adjusting Fitting System. Efficiency is the driving factor behind Axilo.

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