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Halloween to turn darker with black arts furniture collection

 Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Mystic Halloween night now turns even more eerie with the Canadian woodworker’s new Black Arts Furniture and Sculpture Collection. Nicholas Hamilton introduces all new Black Arts Furniture and Sculpture Collection and adds a dash of mystic charm in your home.


Designer Holmes, with his studio at Hamilton recently unveiled the collection at the Interior Design Show in Toronto and soon after at the Architectural Design Show in New York. Holmes was rewarded for his design innovation and craftsmanship by being named one of the “best pieces” exhibited at the AD show. The work explores a tubular shape that’s been bent, curved, and turned out of wood that’s dyed black. With the pieces being blacked out, the focus becomes the clean forms and silhouettes.


The press release announcing Black Arts, states, “The collection evolves a ‘tubular’ design language where Holmes has bent, shaped and turned wood into various forms and then dyed them all black. The work is murdered out, blacked out, ebonized and non-visible–ornamented only by the purity of the form and some light stippling. The use of Brazilian Soapstone, black Danish Cord, Mongolian wool and Brass deepen the works and lighten the mood.”


Brazilian Soapstone, black Danish cord, Mongolian wool, and brass are additional materials used to complement the monotone pieces, which include a lounge chair, coat rack, tables, and bookends. Each design is handcrafted using traditional techniques and joinery that make them more durable for actual use. Holmes’s Black Arts collection includes chairs, tables, book ends and a coat rack.




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