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High productivity Supercell dust collector from Oneida

 Thursday, December 29, 2022

Oneida Air Systems added to its acclaimed Supercell dust collector range with the introduction of the Supercell Turbo. The Supercell dust collector, so named after one of the most potent cyclonic storm systems in the world, is the first and only one on the market with high enough static pressure (WC) and air flow (CFM) levels to support the broadest range of woodworking tools, including handheld sanders, table saws, and mitre saws, as well as jointers, planers, and even CNC routers. The Supercell Turbo provides greater airflow to tools that require higher CFM and to more ports than ever before. It has 30% more CFM (up to 536 CFM) than the original Supercell.

Compact size for any wall mount

Up to three 1″ to 2.5″ tools can be operated simultaneously by the award-winning machine, which excels in collecting dust from all tools with ports ranging from 1″ to 5″ in diameter. It is equipped with a 10x higher suction power than the standard dust collectors. A traditional dust collection system would be slowed down by resistance points such long hose or duct runs, 90-degree angles, and small diameter connectors, but its strong suction strength propels dust-laden air at an unremitting rate. While the high-efficiency cyclone separator eliminates over 99% of small wood dusts, the Supercell keeps performing even when connected to up to 100 feet of 4″ hose or ducting.

The Supercell Turbo has a 97.8″ static pressure rating, which is over 10 times greater than that of the classic model. It has an E12 minimum efficiency HEPA-grade ePTFE filter media. Utilizing liner bags for simple, hassle-free waste disposal while increasing suction and reducing downtime are all benefits of pulse filter cleaner. The 230V item needs a 30 Amp circuit and is shipped with no wiring. The small size mounts to any wall in your shop, making it simple to use.

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