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HSD debuts technology of the future at IWF

 Wednesday, August 24, 2022

HSD showcases their latest innovations at IWF Atlanta. With a vision to augment machining performance in future, HSD Mechatronics unveiled technology of the future at IWF 2022. HSD is arranging a preview presentation of SM137 ETHERCAT and PROFINET too. The SM137 servomotor is part of HSD’s Smart Motors range, resulting from a design that brings together mechanical and electronic expertise.

“The HSD technological solutions are at the service of the 4.0 revolution, to make our customers increasingly competitive” states Alessandro Parrucci, Commercial & Markets Director. “Wood is with us in our everyday life, throughout the day, at home, at work and in our spare time, and these are just a few examples of how the power of HSD technology blends perfectly with art, creativity, design and comfort. There are no machining limits for producing any type of element from windows, doors and staircases to worktops, furnishing elements and much more besides. The continuous rotation of the B and C axes of the 5-axis milling unit (obtained thanks to technologically advanced electrospindles) guarantees the maximum machining speed and the quality of the end product” concluded Parrucci.

It’s fitted with brushless technology: the Motion Controller, an encoder, an epicycloidal reducer, and various interface possibilities with the ETHERCAT and PROFINET field buses that guarantee first class communication to ensure the standard controls, supervision systems and management computers can work together in a quick, efficient manner.

Many technologies are visible at the stand, with HSD technical and sales personnel ready to offer their experience to come up with tangible solutions to meet the needs of those who work with wood.

Working units (with a modular structure to suit specific production requirements) that can quickly handle the cuts most commonly used in the door and window sector: tenon and mortice, struts, half lap joints, profiles and dovetail joints.

Milling units that can sustain machining operations on very large, heavy tools thanks to the encoder positioned on the spindle axis to regulate the level of input current on the basis of the tool feed.

“For HSD, IWF is a reference event for the international wood sector market, and we invest heavily in it. For us, this trade fair represents a global showcase of enormous value. It gives us the chance to demonstrate the practical application of our technologies, and it’s an unmissable opportunity for our customers to get a hands-on feel for our corporate culture and our 4.0 Ready innovations” says Laura Alesi, Marketing Manager at HSD.

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