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imos and Stiles Machinery now partners over software solution

Published on :Thursday, June 23, 2022

Software and technology innovator, imos, has recently partnered with Stiles Digital, a division of Stiles Machinery, to introduce a design and engineering solution, HOMAGiX, to the US market.

Under this new relationship Stiles Digital is responsible for all sales, services, training, and support for HOMAGiX in the US marketplace. HOMAGiX is a design and engineering solution for box building as well as architectural millwork.

From the design perspective, the HOMAGiX can design products and also generate the manufacturing data required to drive machinery in a production environment. From an engineering perspective, HOMAGiX allows users to import and render entire workspaces or buildings along with critical infrastructure components such as gas, electrical, plumbing, and more to transform traditional cabinet shops into full engineering organizations for designers and contractors.

Stiles Digital said that as the future continues to evolve digitally, HOMAGiX can help bring end-user customers closer to the experience of having a finished product in their living spaces before a single cut is made.

The render engine within HOMAGiX allows customers to experience the look and feel of a finished space through static images, and augmented, or virtual reality saving time and money on both the designer and customer side.

 HOMAGiX offers an interactive experience for both B2B and B2C with a one-on-one, personal platform or Web-based shopping platform for either customer type.

 Ben Williams, digital sales manager, Stiles, said, “HOMAGiX is the first solution to hit the US marketplace that offers a customer more than just a box building solution but rather a full engineering solution that generates all sales materials for customers including real-life rendering.

“It’s truly a one-stop solution to streamline customer processes and bring all aspects of the sales presentation, design, and engineering data to one platform. There is nothing else that gets the customer even closer to their finished space than HOMAGiX,” He opined.

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