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Jarrah: The Latest and Popular Species for Interior and Joinery

 Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Jarrah-WoodoftheMonth600 copyJarrah’s a red hot-hit, both the interior and outdoor applications. A popular and well regarded species of Eucalyptus from Western Australia, Jarrah has long been a favorite because of its strength, hardness, durability and pleasing red tone.


Jarrah is very unique species, which grows in only one area of Western Australia because it needs the right soil and climate condition to thrive. It is a very hard, robust and durable species with a wide range of uses that range from leisure and fine furniture to construction and bridge building.


A long-living tree with life spans of 500 to 600 years, jarrah typically grows to 100 to 120 feet with fairly clean and long, straight boles that are easy to mill. It is widely used in its home state of Western Australia, with half the volume used staying there and roughly 40 percent exported. The supply of jarrah is government regulated and comes from native Western Australian forests, not plantations.


Western Australia restricts commercial milling to 131,000 cubic meters per year.
According to the Australian government, Jarrah forests are managed to the world’s best practices and all Western Australian jarrah now comes from regrowth forests, with no harvesting of old-growth forests allowed. The WA Forest Products Commission has received environmental accreditation under ISO 14001. It also is committed to accreditation under the international Programme for Environmental Forestry Certification (PEFC).


The imported wood is used in a variety of applications, including flooring and interior joinery. It is well regarded for exterior uses such as benches and exterior furniture and decking.

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