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Joan Kemp

 Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Joan Kemp, the President of AWFS shares her ideas clarifying to the questions we asked pertaining to the upcoming fair.

A very few days to go, what are the expectations out of AWFS Fair? What are the last minute preparations?

Joan Kemp: Expectations: To provide a venue where buyers and sellers will have the opportunity to meet and discover each other’s needs. To provide educational opportunities that will enhance companies’ ability to produce goods in a more efficient, economical, and ecological manner. To provide networking opportunities joining buyers and sellers from different areas, both geographical and industrial, to enhance the woodworking industry. Both exhibitors and attendees will benefit tremendously from attending the Las Vegas Woodworking Fair.

Compared to the magnitude of the woodworking industry in US, the large-scale fairs are too less to count, what could be the reasons? Does that give AWFS Fair an edge over the others?

Joan Kemp: The AWFS Fair stands out from the rest by the quality of service it gives to its exhibitors and the format of opportunities it offers to the attendees. No other woodworking show has the educational program presented at our College of Woodworking Knowledge. We provide seminars for all aspects of the industry, from small shops to very large production facilities. We also have locations on the Show floor that provide free instruction in the most up to date cabinet construction and machinery as well as “green” educational opportunities. AWFS takes care of their attendees by offering them the most all inclusive buying and educational venues available.

What could be done by the woodworking associations to boost up the performance?

Joan Kemp: “Listening” to the Industry has always been strength of AWFS. We continually strive to discover what our exhibitors and attendees want and need. Then we take a positive leadership The “performance” of the Fairs, both in the US and Europe is a reflection of the industry itself. role to meet those needs. AWFS cannot do much about the economy, but it does take an active role in promoting the benefits of the woodworking industry to the younger generation through educational programs and scholarships thus bringing into it, highly qualified enthusiastic young people.

European woodworking industry is somehow more privileged than US, do you agree with it? As an organizational head, what would you propose to equalize it?

Joan Kemp: The European and the US woodworking industries are different from each other (not necessarily more or less privileged) because of the audiences they serve. The needs and expectations of Europeans and Americans are different from each other. We can study how the European woodworking industry functions and learn from that by applying those aspects that apply to the US market. The Europeans can do the same. By doing that, both industries will advance and be more successful.

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