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Komatsu Forest To Supply Forestry Machines In Brazil

 Thursday, August 29, 2013

komatsuKomatsu Forest now acquires the rights to supply forestry machines, to all Suzano paper company in Brazil. All forestry machine manufacturers participated in the process. Komatsu machines will work at São Paulo, Bahia and Maranhão states.


Whole package is over 130 machines. Komatsu models are tracked harvester Komatsu PC200-8F with Komatsu 370E harvesting head and Komatsu forwarder 895 6×6.Komatsu Forest also signed full maintenance contract for 5 years for Maranhão unit were Suzano is building new pulp mill.


Tracked harvester Komatsu PC200-8F/370E is proven machine and shows great mechanical availability and performance as well low fuel consumption. Such performance is well seeing by Brazilian market in general and by Suzano.


When it comes to forwarder , Komatsu 895 is a big size forwarder for 20ton load capacity and shows unique features compared to other models out in the market.


Correct maintenance is key factor to get low cost per cubic meter and Komatsu Forest management system for its contracts was developed thru the years on several other pulp and paper players in Brazil.This world class maintenance is one of main reason that lead Suzano to choose Komatsu machines and Komatsu full maintenance contract concept.



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