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Ledinek supplies to SmartLam North America

 Thursday, December 8, 2022

Ledinek has been chosen as the supplier for a SmartLam North America project. The largest and first US manufacturer of cross-laminated timber (CLT), revealed plans to erect a large glulam production plant in Dothan, Alabama.

Ledinek will be providing the latest technology edge glue press Z-Press for GLT up to 14 in one Rotopress 60 ft, the new Flexipress Column for Splitbeam with staggered lamination placement, and a high performance finger jointing machine Kontizink for SmartLams’ new GLT plant.

SmartLam North America CEO Derek Ratchford : “We were looking for a turnkey project provided by a global industry leader in automated glulam beam and column manufacturing. After researching our options, we identified Ledinek best fit our scope. Our experience tells us that Ledinek designs and builds high quality equipment that is over designed and produces the high press pressures required to successfully laminate southern pine.”


Medium length and cross section boards can be finger-jointed using a high capacity continuous method. Shoulder joints or continuous joints are both conceivable. An effective and productive line for high-quality jointed boards.

The line is especially well suited for integration into optimizing lines because of the high feed rate and continuous through feed press, which allows for great capacity to be reached with boards of shorter lengths. The random lengths have no effect on the single piece milling.


Solid wood laminations can be quickly assembled by using a hot-melt edge gluing press.
Edge glued laminations can be used to create continuous single-layer panels or multiple widths.

These pre-assembled single layer panels can be utilized in the high-tech production of CLT or other products that are similar. It’s a modern CLT manufacturing revolution!

The quickest pressing method for glulam synthesis is rotopress and it is extremely versatile. It offers the highest degree of adaptability for commissioning items because it may be used to produce the smallest batches—down to batch sizes of just one. Even stepped batches can be stacked quickly, maximizing capacity and utilization. The press can create a lot of glulam when it is completely loaded, making it a truly high capacity equipment.

It is a versatile flat cold press with hydraulic pressing and motorized setup that is easily adaptable to changing demands in the production of small-batch or high-volume goods. Straight laminated beams in a variety of sizes can be produced using the press. It can be loaded using a crane or automatic manipulators, depending on the necessary level of automation.

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