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Lifting made easy with GRABO series of handheld grabbers

 Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Nemo Power Tools surprises with GRABO series of handheld grabbers.

Nemo Power Tools LLC has developed the patented GRABO series of handheld grabbers – a versatile power tool that has what it takes to similarly change the world of work. Anyone who has to lift glass, wood, tiles or slabs of any kind on a daily basis will be amazed at how easily and ergonomically materials can be handled with an eT-Grabo-NemoPro.

Professional electric vacuum lifters Nemo GRABO has made lifting simpler. Using the Nemo GRABO improves efficiency and safety for everyone.

The Nemo GRABO is a revolutionary tool that is changing the way we carry heavy items. Nemo GRABO can lift up-to 375Lbs!

The Nemo GRABO can grab all manner of materials.

These are the materials the Nemo GRABO can work with:

Different shapes and sizes of items will need a different approach, so the GRABO is designed to give a firm and safe hold from both angles.

The user may further consider the weight of what he is lifting to use the GRABO safely.

Nemo Power Tools has developed a wide range of power tools and accessories for work in, around and under the water. We pride ourselves in working together with our partners and clients to better understand what they need to do their work more quickly and easily. Our love of innovation combined with our desire to provide our customers with useful, quality products means that we integrate new and exciting technologies into our products. Nemo Power Tools uses technologies generally found in more high-tech products: batteries and electronics from the drones industry, cooling technology from the computer industry, and sealing and fabrication methods from the marine industry.

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