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Mastercam and CAMWERK create NC2Check

 Wednesday, December 21, 2022

NC2Check is a special and user-friendly fully-integrated machine solution that is offered to customers by CNC Software, LLC, a company that created one of the top CAD/CAM software in the world – Mastercam. To create a G-code simulation solution for Mastercam, CAMWERK and Mastercam developers collaborated closely. In addition to making manufacturing and programming even more effective and error-free, the connection offers Mastercam clients a way to prevent machine damage, downtime, and malfunctions.

After the postprocessor run, the NC2CHECK g code simulation from CAMWERK provides customers with a thorough mapping of the entire machine tool and simulates nc programmes based on the actual G code. It is an accurate machine simulation that includes all machine information. Before the actual machining, the system looks for collisions, travel restrictions, and damage to the workpiece and the CNC machine. Additionally, it supports all popular controllers, including those made by Siemens, Heidenhain, Mazak, Fanuc, Hurco, and many others.

Detect collisions before they happen!

Mastercam’s NC2Check add-on is installed as a single button on the ribbon bar interface. Users can start NC2Check with a single button from within a Mastercam session, providing full simulation and G-code verification. According to Bircan ztürk, Director for CAMWERK, users can view collisions and errors directly on their PC and operate on their machines entirely virtually with NC2Check. Instead of providing G-code simulation in the traditional sense, CAMWERK gives its customers the freedom to develop new concepts and inventively apply them elsewhere in the business rather than searching for problems in the NC programme and to run each and every part on the CNC machine. Despite being a little tool, it has a real-time magical effect on output.

“We are excited to partner with CAMWERK on a complete mapping of the entire machine tool and simulation of NC programs based on G-code and make it available to over 300,000 users,” said Stas Mylek, Partnership Program Manager, CNC Software, LLC. “The collaborative effort between both companies provides Mastercam users complete machine simulation for detecting issues such as travel limits or potential workpiece collisions before machining takes place,” Mylek continued.

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