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Mastercam partners with Onshape

 Tuesday, January 12, 2016

151218OnshapeCNC Software, Inc., the developer of Mastercam, has announced that it has partnered with Onshape, and their vision to bring CAD applications to users in an easy way. Seeking to modernize the way CAD users find and buy engineering apps, Onshape has announced the Onshape App Store. Being released in private beta for selected users, the Onshape App Store is an open marketplace offering a wide product selection and a convenient way to browse, try, buy, and use them.


The company plans to open the store to the public early next year. “To get their jobs done, engineers need more than just parts, assemblies, and drawings,” says Onshape founder Jon Hirschtick. “They need simulation, manufacturing, rendering, and things that we can’t even imagine.” “Onshape is pioneering a new model for applications in the CAD world by bringing all the benefits that CAD users love about Onshape to the world of CAD applications, for the first time every CAD user is just a few clicks away from every application. It’s easier than ever for users to find apps, and for apps to find users.” he added further.


As one of the primary CAM contributors to the App Store, CNC Software’s free Mastercam Onshape Direct app is a bridge between the world’s most widely-used NC programming software and an exciting new modeling tool. Mastercam users will be able to open Onshape models in Mastercam directly from their Onshape accounts, ready for toolpaths. “As an industry leader, we are excited to be participating with innovative new engineering tools that will help our users be more effective and more productive in their shops,” says Meghan West, President of CNC Software.


For years, desktop-installed CAD users have not had one central place to find and buy apps. They’ve needed to search multiple application vendor websites to find compatible products, and then buy, register, license, and install them using different ways depending on each vendor. In many cases, CAD resellers may only offer one product per category. The Onshape App Store represents a significant change in the following ways:


• Freedom of Choice – one can try and compare multiple apps from multiple partners instead of being locked into preselected products favored by the reseller.
• Affordability – All of their partners endorse Onshape’s business model and have some kind of free offering (either a free version or a free trial). Flexible plans include paying per use or paying per month.
• OneStop Shopping – All apps are available in one place, with no need to search multiple websites to find what is needed or if an app is compatible. For many apps, purchases are automatically charged to your Onshape account.
• Accessibility – Anyone can directly access best-in-class apps on demand without the hassles of negotiating with the reseller.


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