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Mereen Johnson to display Rip selection at IWF

 Friday, June 17, 2016

Mereen-Johnson is offering a full line of selective rip saws, navigator scout and CNC at this year in IWF Atlanta.


mereen 1524-DCSR

Mereen johson’s model 524-DC/SR features up to four fully independent shifting saw blades to improve one’s production flexibility with gurantee glue joint accurately.
This saw will maximize yield recovery from one’s raw materials, and drastically reduce set-up times.
Moreover, Mereen is offering the product in a affordable price which has never been so in earlier from any saw blade production.


mereen 2CNC Dovetailers

Mereen-Johnson CNC Dovetailers deliver high production, increased accuracy, reduced tear-out, and provide an attractive return on individual investment.


Mereen-Johnson’s exclusive dual rotation cutter path and unique 2” on center multiple spindle design provides the ultimate in English (finger-type) dovetail machining, maximizing your production capability and flexibility, even on lot sizes a small as a single drawer.


A large touch screen operator interface requires virtually no special training or computer knowledge to operate.  Custom software controls allow for tuning machine function to suit any application or operator skill level, including; adjustable joint fit, clamp time delay, mortise offset to reduce tear-out, and cutting speed.


mereen 3Rip Navigator Scout

Rip Navigator 3.5 combines the capability of a full featured computer rip optimizing system with the flexibility of a fully integrated manual control set works allowing the seamless collaboration between man and machine.


In the past, rip optimizing systems only provided an either / or option for manufactures. Either run in computer controlled optimizing mode OR switch to manual control allowing an operator to use their skill sets to determine the best rip solution for each board.


Rip Navigator 3.5 combines the capabilities of the computer system with human senses and skill sets resulting in improved yield, increased production reporting accuracy, higher value output, greater production efficiency and flexibility.

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