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MiCROTEC presented its best at the Fimma Brasil 2023

 Monday, September 4, 2023

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MiCROTEC successfully showcased its best at the Fimma fair that was held from August 28-31 in Bento Gonçalves, BRA. The company participated in the fair with its long-term partner, Grupo Linares. The fair have been attracting the wood industry, gathering the innovative and most ground breaking products. This time too MiCROTEC’s carried its most potential offerings to the Fimma Brasil 2023.

The visitors had a firsthand experience of the company’s renowned products that included –

Goldeneye– one of the most trusted multi-sensor quality scanner for softwood. This scanner reconizes wood features and defects reliably to automate, streamline and optimize the production process.

Viscan– Viscan Strength Grader is one of the best optical laser interferometer scanners that help to determine the MOE of lumber.

Denscan– the Denscan is a system for the detremination of the average density of lumber based on X-ray technology.

M3 Scan– M3 Scan moisture meter measures dried lumber for both linear and transverse applications. This modular system allows quick and accurate measurement of lumber moisture content.

Warpscan– Warpscan measures the geometry of lumber in movement and reliably recognizes distortion of lumber such as twist, bow, spring, and cup in lineal or transverse transport direction.

MiCROTEC has a long-standing 25-year-old reputation as a developer of scanners for machine strength grading. With its exceptional and fastest linear strength grading capabilities and the complete support of its partner, MiCROTEC participated in the Fimma Brasil 2023 and brought before the market some of these outstanding innovations that can benefit many.

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