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Microvellum conducted LIVE on tooling costs and wastes

 Friday, December 28, 2018

MVLIVE_Ever think about how cutting tool performance impacts your bottom-line? GUHDO provides tooling solutions to help you minimize costs and maximize your return on investment. –  Microvellum.


In recently concluded episode, they spike with GDP GUHDO CEO, Karin Deutschler, a tooling expert with over 30-years of experience in the industry. They had a converstaion on the top questions related to CNC tooling and Microvellum Software.


The conversation was held on December 12, 2018 at 11.00 AM (Pacific Time)
The topics were:
•    About GDP GUHDO
•    How choosing the right tooling can reduce costs, waste and improve finish
•    The true costs of tooling
•    Top 10 questions faced business owners and CNC operations regarding tooling


Providing precision tooling for over 29 years. Their goal is to provide cutting-edge, industrial quality precision tooling solutions at competitive prices while always meeting and exceeding customer expectations in quality, performance and customer service.



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