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Microvellum Introduced Their 2015 R3 Upcoming Technologies

 Saturday, July 11, 2015

AutoCAD_2016_blue copyMicrovellum is opening up new possibilities and brings again new innovations through their 2015 R3 range. With the release of 2015 R3, Toolbox will officially be compatible with full version AutoCAD 2016. R3 will also utilize the AutoCAD OEM as the primary platform for Toolbox OEM. Some of their upcoming ranges are given below.
Basically AutoCAD 2016 offers many improvements and new features, including:

• Predictive Dimensioning: Rather than having to choose from among nearly a dozen different tools to add linear, radial, angular, baseline, or ordinate dimensions, AutoCAD 2016 now provides a single DIM command that intelligently predicts the type of dimension you want to create when you move the cursor over existing geometry.

• 3D Enhancements: updated section plane, an entirely new render engine offering improved rendering capabilities, Image-based Lighting (IBL), 360-degree background images.


MicroManager_DesktopTimeClock_Keypad copy 1New Desktop Time Clock for Micromanager
MicroManager’s Desktop Time Clock provides a feature-rich interface built with user interaction in mind. Tailored to function seamlessly with touchscreen, barcode, or classic mouse-and-keyboard input, MicroManager Time Clock allows you to track time using the tools that your business prefers. Log time against manufacturing activities and review efficiency of actual time versus estimated time. Keep track of administrative tasks and find out how long your business processes really take.


The Time Manager allows you to view and analyze real-time data in a responsive, interactive interface. The graphical representation of records provides an at-a-glance summary of your staff activities: see what your employees are doing right now. View, export, and print your data right from MicroManager: the filtering tools allow you to pinpoint the data you need without designing reports.


• Use mouse-and-keyboard, barcode scanning, or touchscreen input
• Track time on manufacturing activities, project tasks, or payroll
• Responsive interfaces make time tracking easy to use
• Review and analyze time data without reports
• See what’s happening in real time

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