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Microvellum redefines designing experience with Toolbox OEM 2020

 Wednesday, October 16, 2019

The new Toolbox OEM 2020 is packed with fresh features and unique enhancements now help in streamlining design, drafting, and engineering and offer professional experience. Toolbox OEM 2020 has a new look, thanks to changes to the “dark” theme, which is the default appearance when you first install the new release.


The tools on the ribbon have a modern dark blue look with better contrast and sharper icons that the company hopes will be easier on the eyes without distracting from the drawing area. The overall performance of Toolbox OEM 2020 has also been improved. This is especially apparent when saving drawings and drawing products in 3D. Most drawing saves now take less than half a second, compared to 1.5 seconds on average in the previous release.


Quickly Display Measurements at a Glance


Toolbox’s MEASUREGEOM command now includes a “Quick” mode, which is active by default. Now, when you click the Measure tool in the ribbon, dimensions, distances, and angles are dynamically displayed as you move your mouse over and between objects in a drawing. The cursor displays all nearby measurements, both inside and outside the nearest geometry. Of course, the other command options are still available for explicitly measuring distance, radius, angle, area, and volume.


A More Efficient Way to Insert Blocks


Toolbox OEM 2020 Introduces a new Block palette that replaces the old insert dialog. This is the most significant change to the way blocks work since Autodesk added the block gallery in the 2015 release. The new Blocks palette makes it extremely simple to select and insert any block at any location, scale, or rotation angle, regardless of whether the block was defined in the current drawing or in some other drawing. Now, when you expand the Insert tool in the ribbon, in addition to displaying a gallery of blocks in the current drawing, you can click Recent Blocks or Blocks from Other Drawings. Either of these choices opens the Blocks palette.


Key benefits of using Toolbox OEM 2020


• An Easier Way to Remove Unused Items from Drawings
• Compare Drawings in One Window
• Easy exporting to “snapshot drawing”




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