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Milwaukee boasts of the tallest wooden structure

 Monday, July 25, 2022

Milwaukee is happy to assure to be the home of the highest timber structure in world. The height of the structure is 284 feet. The residential building has a size of 488000 square foot. The budget of the building was $125 million. The structure features hybrid timber and concrete frame.

The project has been developed by new Land Enterprises and Wiechman Enterprises. The construction is close to end and tenants have started to move in the building. The construction began in August 2020. The project was designed by Korb + Associates Architects began in August 2020. The first tenants began moving into the first half of the building on July 15, 2022. The second half of the building is expected to be completed by the end of August.

The project was built by C.D Smith and Catalyst Construction. The project has been developed with extremely detailed plans. The planning and position of every column beam and panel has been done before hand, so that they could be assembled with accuracy. The holes have been predrilled and ranges within 1/16-in accuracy.

The building is a 19 floor wooden residential space. The structure sits on a six-story structural concrete parking podium. The structure contains over 80000 cubic ft of glue laminated timber is fabricated in 1150 glulam column. These are 17 different sizes. There are additional 1320 glulam beam in 50 sizes with 36 different lengths. The building also contains 336000 square feet cross laminated timber. 

Wooden building makes a great alternative of the existing concrete buildings for many reasons. Primarily, owing to the entire process of creation is environment friendly and secondly because it offers the most elegant look along with a certain technical superiority over other concrete construction.

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