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MPM will be in NPE with big kitty

 Friday, March 13, 2015

momentivelogoMomentive performance Materials Inc. (MPM) is bringing new advanced silicone elastomers at NPE 2015. In the trade fair they will also emphasis on showcasing low-volatile, self-lubricating liquid silicone rubber (LSR).

The show will not end here, there will also be a section where MPM will highlight recent advancements in fiber-reinforced LSR and anti-static heat cured rubber (HCR) materials within the company’s families of Silopren* and Silplus* elastomers.

“These new products show Momentive’s continued commitment to innovation in the elastomers market. Also, these inventions will continue to help our customers solve the unique design challenges they face in the global marketplace,” said Tim Angle, MPM Elastomers commercial director for the Americas. Followings are the recent innovations from MPM.

New, No Post Cure, Low-Volatile, Self-Lubricating LSR
MPM’s Silopren LSR 3376/50 features very low volatile levels without post-curing. It is engineered to help automotive manufacturers produce electrical connector seals that meet increasingly stringent safety specifications. Silopren LSR 3376/50 is the first product in MPM’s new low-volatile, self-lubricating LSR family. It has 3% oil content and contains less than 350 ppm of total volatiles. The material typically has a nominal hardness of 50 Shore A, a low compression set of 16% and it can be easily colored. This low-volatile product was developed to meet new stringent global automotive specifications.





Fiber-Reinforced LSR
Applications requiring the features of silicone rubber and the strength of fiber reinforcement – such as wrist bands for wearable electronic devices – can obtain this combination of mechanical properties by utilizing MPM’s Silopren Matrix 70 fiber-reinforced LSR. Compared to standard LSR of the same hardness, fiber-reinforced LSR has demonstrated 30% higher torsion resistance and 100% higher modulus. These properties may save manufacturers the cost of incorporating a fabric layer into their products. Silopren Matrix LSR exhibits excellent UV resistance and can be easily colored to meet aesthetic needs. These products may also be considered for use in some healthcare applications such as wearable electronics or diaphragms pursuant to certain FDA regulations and ISO 10993.

Anti-Static HCR
Manufacturers using materials that employ carbon black fillers to remove static charge face obvious limits on color or translucence for their end-products. MPM’s Silplus 30 AS anti-static silicone rubber overcomes such limitations. The first in MPM’s Silplus anti-static product category, this heat cured rubber can reduce electrostatic charge and decrease dust pick-up, making it an excellent candidate to consider for use in keyboard covers, elastomeric keypads and buttons, soft-touch features on devices, and other consumer electronic applications. Sealing applications also can benefit from this HCR material. Its strength and good compression set properties produce flexible and reliable seals.

Live Demonstrations
Industry partners will be demonstrating the processing qualities and product performance of MPM materials at their respective booths. Please visit the following booths to see a demonstration:





Wittmann Battenfeld GmbH, Booth # W2743.Silopren LSR 2030 readily accommodates micromolding. Wittmann Battenfeld will demonstrate silicone micromolding at their booth and will be molding punctum plugs. Silopren LSR 2030 offers compliance with a variety of important technical standards including FDA, USP Class VI, KTW, BfR and WRAS.






Dr. Boy GmbH & Co. KG, Booth # W3303. Hard-soft combinations in consumer goods, accomplished with primerless adhesion, will be demonstrated as Dr. Boy makes ice scrapers from self-bonding Silopren LSR 2750 on polyamide (PA) plastic substrate. The mold for this application was created by EMDE Industrie-Technik GmbH. The demonstration highlights Silopren LSR products’ compatibility with molding cycles of typical engineering thermoplastics.




Multitech Machinery Ltd., Booth # W3091. The high clarity of LIM* 6040 liquid silicone rubber will be on display as Multitech molds cup pads (coasters) at its booth. LIM 6040 liquid silicone rubber was designed to provide material properties sufficient for high-performance elastomeric parts.




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